Call (408) 214-6660 to have a technician get you started on bed bug removal.

Call (408) 214-6660 to have a technician get you started on bed bug removal.

There isn’t anybody who is fine with having bed bugs in their San Jose home. As you may have heard, San Jose bed bug infestations are rising exponentially. If you suspect bed bugs in your mattresses then you should give us a call immediately.

Unfortunately, you can’t overlook bed bugs like you can with spiders or ants. As soon as bed bugs infest your mattresses (even fabric covered furniture such as a couch), they don’t disappear until you seek help from a one of our bed bug control professionals.

Bed bugs feed on you, typically while you are sleeping. They will saw through your skin with style. They cut through human flesh, searching for your blood vessels in order to feed. Once they find blood, they will typically feed for five minutes, or so, and then go back to their hiding location.

San Jose Bed Bug Removal

When people suspect they have bed bugs it usually isn’t because they have actually seen the bed bugs. These smart pests are great at keeping concealed from people. Bed bugs often hide in dark, small cracks and crevices nearest your bed. If you find blood spots on your bedding or in the mattress fabric then you probably have a bed bug infestation. Another sign of bed bugs is if you awake covered in little bites or find yourself scratching intensely itchy spots.

If you suspect a bed bug problem, you should not continue sleeping in your bed. Our San Jose bed bug control technicians are here to answer any inquiry about bed bugs! Just give us a call today at (408) 214-6660 to get your estimate.