Numerous people realize they have a rat or mouse in their house when they hear pitter patter of tiny, fast feet or products that have been damaged due to chewing and gnawing from rats and mice. Managing rodents can be a difficult hardship however our team of professionals understand this and have the most effective ways to manage them.

These warm-blooded animals can be a problem in number parts all across the world, not just in San Jose.

Rats utilize their huge front teeth for gnawing and side teeth to chew. Rats and other rodents will nest and start a family quickly so it is essential that you take action immediately if you suspect rodents have attacked your property. They gain access into your property through any small opening, crack or hole they find. Just when you think a rodent can’t fit through an opening, you’ll be surprised. Their ability to squeeze through the tiniest of tiny cracks is astounding so no matter what size opening you may discover on your home, seal it up.

House Protection from Rats

When rodents invade your space some of their primary reasons for doing so is for nesting, warmth and a food source. Whether their favorite spot is under the porch, in wall spaces, attics or the like, they will make themselves comfortable and begin breeding. Rodents are skittish and cautious of their environment. Introduction to brand-new things, such as bait or traps, is why some homeowners are not successful when trying to control a rodent problem on their own.

Most individuals dislike rodents because of their ability to lug around and transfer disease. In addition, they can likewise generate other annoying bugs like fleas and ticks, triggering yet another concern for you to have to deal with.

Our San Jose rodent control technicians know how to identify entry points for residential and businesses. Just give us a call at (408)214-6660 to arrange a visit and discover how we can help you safeguard from future rodent intrusions.