First Rate Pest Control of San Jose offers the best pest control services in San Jose and the metro area.  In addition to our regular pest control services, we offer a no-contract option to our quarterly and annual pest prevention. Whether you’re experiencing cockroaches, spiders or bed bugs, our San Jose exterminators will protect your family and pets.

It’s common for pests and rodents to hide during the winter. Which means pests usually go unnoticed until they make their presence known in the spring. The common pests and rodents found in San Jose include spiders, bed bugs, and rats. Recent studies have shown that infestations of these pests are trending upwards in San Jose.

Recently, we’ve also seen an increase in the number of termite problems in the San Jose area. Termites are masters of staying undetected, making them your home’s hazard. Lately, several incidents involved structural damage from the termites.

Because you would like to protect your house, naturally you recognize the necessity of routine pest control prevention. It costs less in the long run to have pest prevention than to deal with pests ad hoc. Just give our San Jose pest control experts a call right now at (408)214-6660 and we’ll be glad to help!


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